DRESSING WELL – Meaning and Importance

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Dressing well in the best possible way for creating your first impression, and ‘the first impression is your last impression’ on someone. The first thing we look at a person is how they dress up because it reflects their personality, even our body language comes secondary while showcasing ourselves. Although, that doesn’t mean that you should be a fashionable person the thing important is that your dressing sense should spark your personality because it plays a major role in your personality development.

A person’s dressing sense reflects their character, body language, character, and style. And the fact is that our dressing sense makes us personally and physically more attractive because beauty not only comes from skin texture, height, or weight but the way you represent yourself in front of others.

Personality v/s dressing sense

What’s more likely to be more important your personality or your dressing sense? Yeah, the first thing that usually counts up is your dressing sense as your first impression. Dress what suits you more rather than copying or following people’s style because your dressing sense reveals your personality, not others.

Not to wear tight-fitting or very loose fittings clothes because it somehow shatters your personality and try to be particular about your clothing. Some things to remember is that always wear ironed clothes and they should be neat, and it’s rightly said ‘the way you dressed up reveals a lot about a person’s character’.

The psychology behind dressing well

  • Being well dressed up reflects our personality to who we are and makes our good bonding with people with like-minded
  • Dressing well can help you to build selfconfidence and it perceives to others that how confident you feel about yourself. 
  • Try always to wear something classy and formal that makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself.
  • It’s a fact that wearing professional clothes increases your concentration and focus and it brings motivation within yourself while in your casual clothes you tend to feel distracted and tired. 

The studies have found that wearing formal clothing impacts our lives, we feel more powerful and it makes our mind think in a positive approach.

How dressing sense plays a major role in interview?

The way you dress up perceives a lot about your status, character, and who you are. The first impression is when someone visualizes an image of us. Sometimes people do the mistake of wearing too bright or dull clothes during their interview which gives a wrong impression and do wear only formal attire while going for an interview and it is best suited. For men, it can be a suit jacket along with a tie and shoes with rolled down sleeves. For women, it can dress or pants or saree-blouse whichever is appropriate. Try to wear minimal accessories so that it doesn’t overlook. The better you are dressed up the more your personality sparkles and wearing an unprofessional outfit can increase the chances of rejection during the job interview.  

One should dress like they are already famous or professional, like having the perfect dream job, handsome amount of salary because the way one represents the way you are then how people will look you like that way. Decent dressing during the interview gives the interviewee a positive approach towards you.

Reasons you should dress well everyday

The way you wear clothes every day while going outside for a job, interview, shopping, or study reveals your personality. People usually notice the first thing in you how well you are dressed up and your clothes imply about your personality and what trend or fashion you should follow.

  • A good impression of yourself positive thinking 
  • Builds up confidence
  • Go with trend
  • It makes feel productive to work
  • You look beautiful

Frequently Asked Questions!

How does other’s dressing sense influence us?

When there it comes new trend or style in the market, we usually tend to follow or copy it then same in the case of people when we see them wearing something cool or attractive then we want to perceive that and fantasize to look like them. But, yeah we should not get so influenced by others that stop being what we are or forget about our own identity. 

My dressing sense doesn’t match up with friends and colleagues. Does it mean my dressing sense is bad?

Your dressing sense attracts others and how they perceive you. Not getting dressed like your friends or colleagues should not affect for what who you are and you may have something which they don’t!

Dressing decent boots up your confidence level and personality. And one should try to be unique and classy in their way and that is what matters.  

How to have a good dressing sense with being simple and decent?

To build a dressing sense that attracts and influences others is known as a ‘basic decent look’ sometimes dressing simply makes you look versatile and classy. The thing that matters the most is the good quality clothing with simple accessories and a brighter or soothing colors pattern all you need to build up your classy style. 

Dressing well is the only way to attract people?

Yeah, dressing well builds up your personality but it’s not the bare minimum others should judge you on this criteria only. Some people go for basic clothes but that doesn’t mean they are not knowledgeable or wealthy it is that what they like or are comfortable into.  


We all know how clothes matters to all of us and our appearance are really important. Clothing or dressing up doesn’t mean doing fashion stuff but how it builds your personality, character, and confidence within us and in what we all wear. 

People usually dress up well to grab’s people attention based on how they look and also to show their status, symbol, and class in society through their personality and style. The way you are dressed up matters a lot than what we thought other people were thinking about you because we all thinking about ourselves most of the time. Clothing gives a positive association we get to invoke that obstacle every time we put it on.

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